Homegrown FOlk-Americana from Central, Texas 


The Mismatch is a 6 piece from Austin, TX that smoothly combines folksome Americana tunes with a hometown groove, a bit of bluegrass, and just the right amount of grit. The Mismatch consists of raw vocals, screaming fiddle, mandolin, bass, banjo, guitar and drums that pairs well with many different types of artists as support or lead, spanning genres from Americana to Folk to Bluegrass to Rockabilly and Psychedelic Folk-Rock. 

Something really special happens when The Mismatch takes the stage, the overall charisma & energy that the band brings while on stage or off is truly infectious and fun to watch. An act that is unforgettable, multi-dimensional, and tells a story you won’t forget.

Vocals, Guitar / Billy Roy
Bass Guitar / Sam Peyton
Mandolin / rusty truck

Banjo / W.K. "Slim Pickins" Wahlert
Fiddle / Andrew Noble
Drums / Chris Compton



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Better Off This Way

by The Mismatch

This album was recorded in Sugar Land, Texas in the Reinsch Upper Room Studio, owners Gary and Sharon Reinsch. 
It was engineered and mixed by Chris Compton at Compton Recordings. 
It was mastered by Grammy Award Winning Adam Odor at Yellow Dog Studios. 
Album artwork by Mark Nelson, Edited by Scotty P. Photography. 

This Album Includes The following Instrumentation: 

Billy Roy: Guitar and Lead Vocals
Kody "Slim Pickins" Wahlert: Banjo and Guitar
Sam Peyton: Bass Guitar
rusty truck: Mandolin and Guitar
Bre Jarvis: Guitar, Harmony Vocals, and Lead Vocals
Chris Compton: Drums and Percussion

This album includes featured musicians: 
Andrew Noble on Violin (Honeybird, Addiction, Where Do We Go, and Chicken Song). 
Lady Jamz on back-up vocals (Julia). 

Special thanks to: 
Gary and Sharon Reinsch, this album would not have been possible without your generosity and hospitality. 
Chris Compton of Compton Recordings for long hours behind a computer screen and dealing with our nonsense on a consistent basis. 
Jeremy and Terri Roy for always supporting the band in more ways than one. 
Our fans for giving us a reason to make the music in the first place. 


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